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Welcome to Your Personal Medical Assistant

Personal Medical AssistantThe Per-Med Associates are dedicated to providing you with up-to-date information that is designed to help you negotiate the maze of choices confronting you from the halls of governmental bureaucracy and the cubicles of third-party insurers.  Much of the content of this website is derived from personal experience of health care professionals as well as patients who have confronted problems within the health care system.  A main thrust of the website content is designed to allow you more control over your own medical record in the face of increasing bureaucratic involvement in the quality of your healthcare.  The contents of the book, The Doctor Is Out, is represented in these pages and may give you insight into the risks you face from the escalating bureaucracies of medicine.
Medical Advisor ResourceThis website is designed to allow you to increase control over your own medical destiny.  Careful thought has gone into its design as well as its content.  Feel free to explore the site and note that there are many opportunities to interact with the professionals that make up the staff of Per-Med Associates.

 It should come as no surprise that there will be ever-increasing involvement from Washington and your own private insurers in the coming months, including the advent of a national Electronic Medical Record (EMR) available to anyone deemed to have a right to it.  Hopefully the insights gained here will lessen the negative pressures on your personal healthcare and your privacy.

 The website went online in June of 2009 and is designed to be dynamic in its content.  As a result, there will be new material added as the political-economic atmosphere affecting your healthcare changes.  We invite you to register and join our blog or reading diverse pages presented to you.  Please visit often and join us in the conversation.  The more we hear from our friends the more successful the site will become as a resource; your own personal medical assistant.

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